Manual Beam Shutter with SM05 Thread

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Manual beam shutter is necessary to comply with CDRH laser safety requirements for lasers in Class 3B and Class 4. The shutter extends with a tube having the standard SM05 (Thorlabs compatible) internal thread. This tube can be used to assemble a beam expander, add polarization rotators, waveplates, filters, and other standard 1/2" optics.

The shutter can be centered with respect to the laser beam in two directions. First - by sliding the whole shutter assembly in the transversal heatsink recession and second - by using a setscrew to change the height of the shutter's aperture.


  • Height adjustable
  • X-axis adjustable
  • Easy one-click manual close of a laser beam
  • Can be used to assemble beam expander
  • Can be used to add polarization rotators, waveplates, filters
  • Easy to mount to most of Integrated OpticsĀ® heatsinks
  • Black anodized, so this shutter absorbs back-reflections

This shutter is designed to be attached to the following heatsinks and adapter plates: AM-H3, AM-H5, AM-H6, AM-H8, AM-H9, AM-H10.

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Parameter Value
 Material Aluminium
 Coating Black anodized
 Thread for optics Yes
 Thread type 0.535"-40 (Thorlabs SM05)
 Thread length, mm 12
 Aperture height adjustment Yes
 Clear aperture, mm 4
 Warranty, months 14
 Country of origin Lithuania
Note: Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.

Drawing of Manual Beam Shutter with SM05 Thread