Compact Lasers and Optics


The MatchBox2 series of high-performance compact lasers are designed for demanding industrial and scientific applications. Thanks to semi-automated manufacturing, Integrated Optics is able to make most compact laser sources. High-level optoelectronics integration leads to significant drop in cost even for sophisticated laser designs.

Raman and Fluorescence

CW and nanosecond pulsed micro lasers of the MatchBox2 series are developed mainly for Raman spectroscopy and scanning fluorescence microscopy applications. Single-frequency (SLM) operation, high wavelength stability and good side-mode suppression ratio are important parameters for Raman spectroscopy.
SERS substrates are supplied for a number of high-sensitivity applications in molecular and medical diagnostics. SERS is used for detection and identification of extremely low concentrations. Raman spectroscopy technique is a versatile tool for process monitoring, drug analysis, and explosives identification. SERS adds sensitivity and reduces experiment requirements.