Expanding production capabilities for Industry 4.0

7 May 2019

As a part of production capacity scale-up, 'Integrated Optics' plans to invest €0.4M into the expansion of Industry 4.0-ready manufacturing. 

Starting February of 2019, Integrated Optics began to implement a significant expansion of its production capabilities, which is funded by the European Union Support Program ‘Pramonės skaitmeninimas’ (‘Digitization of Industry’) and administered by VsI ‘Lietuvos verslo paramos agentūra’ (Public Enterprise ‘Lithuanian Business Support Agency’).

'Robotics, software and electronics are always at the heart of 'Integrated Optics'. It would have been impossible to offer the World's smallest high-end lasers sources - the MatchBox Series - to the market without having good expertise in these disciplines.' - says Jonas Jonuška, the CTO and co-founder of the company. 

Proprietary robotic systems for precision assembly of micro-optics have been developed internally over the last 5 years. Now it is time to scale non-core manufacturing processes with the throughput of state-of-art industrial digital machinery. Upon completion, of this task, 'Integrated Optics' will possess a high capacity production line for complete assembly and automated testing of laser sources produced by the company.

'This investment will heavily contribute to expanding the company's operations from low-volume/high-mix production into the production capacity of large series. - adds Evaldas Pabrėža, the CEO.

The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Project titleImplementation of digital technologies within Integrated Optics
Project ownerIntegrated Optics, UAB
The total value of the project404,512.40 €
Contribution from ERDF179,568.85 €
Beginning30th of January 2019
End30th of November 2022
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