A Laser - just when you need it!

In R&D phase, one might need to try out many different lasers before deciding about the best wavelength, bandwidth or beam delivery option. Some experiments require a laser just for one or two months.

Responding to this need from our customers, we introduce laser rentals. 15 models of lasers can be rented for one to several months, paying just 10% of the laser price per month.

Multicolor laser

Laser Rentals

  • 15 models for rent
  • Just 10% per month
  • No import taxes

Rent a high-performance laser for a time-limited experiment. Or try several laser options before deciding, which to choose.

This is the list of lasers, which can be rented:

Code / link Wavelength, nm Output Power, mW Output type Bandwidth Price per month
405L-11A 405±3 160 Free Space 1.2 nm €120.00
405L-15A 405±4 85 PM Fiber
1.2 nm €193.00
405L-21A 405±0.3 40 Free Space
1 pm €312.00
405L-25A 405±0.3 15 PM Fiber
1 pm
488L-11A 488±3 45 Free Space 1 nm
488L-21A 488±0.1 30 Free Space 1 pm
532L-11B 532.1±0.1 200 Free Space
0.03 nm
532L-21B 532.2±0.1 50 Free Space 0.2 pm
633L-21A 632.8±0.1 60 Free Space 1 pm
633L-25A 632.8±0.1 30 PM Fiber 1 pm
638L-11A 638±2 150 Free Space 1 nm
638L-15A 638±2 100 PM Fiber 1 nm
785L-21A 785±0.1 100 Free Space 1 pm
785L-25A 785±0.1 55 PM Fiber
1 pm
785L-41A 785±0.5 500 Free Space 75 pm


  1. Lasers are rented on a monthly basis - for a whole number of months.
  2. The rental period starts once a laser is delivered to the customer and is ended upon dispatch from the customer.
  3. All shipping costs are covered by the customer.
  4. The term of rent is not extendable.
  5. Rental lasers are not for sale.
  6. Payment terms - Cash-In-Advance (CIA).
  7. Outside of European Union temporary import documentation is administered for max. 12 months. No import taxes need to be paid.
  8. The laser rent can be ordered either directly from us or through our distributor network.

The customer can choose multiple accessories for each rented laser. Typically these include a power supply, a USB break-out box, a USB cable and a heatsink (for DPSS lasers). 10% of accessory cost is also added to the rental cost per month. 

It usually takes less than 15 mins to install and start the laser.