• World’s Smallest Lasers for Spectroscopy, LiDAR and Quantum

  • MatchBox® Series

    CW Lasers

    • >20 Wavelengths
    • MM/SM/PM fiber
    • Single-frequency options
  • MatchBox® Series

    Multi-wave lasers

    • >405 nm to 785 nm
    • 4 LD/PD slots with dichroics
    • Open beam or Fiber
  • MatchBox® Series

    Q-switch Lasers

    • 1029 nm / 514.5 nm
    • High pulse energy
    • Single Longitudinal Mode
  • uFlash® Series

    Q-switch Lasers

    • 1029 nm
    • 70 kW peak power
    • 1.5 ns pulse duration
  • ARATM Series

    Multi-wave lasers

    • Configurable wavelength set
    • Compact design
    • Fiber coupling options
  • Matchbox® Series

    Tunable Lasers

    • SLM operation
    • Up to 1 nm range
    • Custom configurations
    • Applications

      Quantum communication


      Stable, narrow spectrum lasers are essential for majority of quantum applications.


      Raman, fluorescence, LIBS - just some of the kinds of spectroscopy where we sell our lasers to.

      Particle analysis

      Differentiate based on particle size, shape, auto-fluorescence. Or just count these particles!


      In the race of super-resolution microscopy, we provide top-notch multi-wavelength laser sources.

      Laser rental

      Rent a high-performance laser for a time-limited experiment.

      Or try several laser options before deciding, which to choose.

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