Analytica 2022

By Integrated Optics 13 July 2020 Events No comments yet

At Analytica 2022 Integrated Optics is going to present its latest product - a major platform upgrade for the world's most compact series of diode and DPSS lasers - series of MatchBox lasers, that feature even easier integration and more reliability in a wider range of environmental conditions.

New products (new laser platforms) for portable Raman and micro-LIBS will be introduced.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Project titleFostering Competitiveness and Export of Integrated Optics through Participation in International Exhibitions
Project ownerIntegrated Optics, UAB
The total value of the project100,696.00 €
Contribution from ERDF45,000.00 €
Beginning19th of July 2019
End24th of June 2022
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