Air Cooled Heatsink With TEC

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This heatsink is a high-end TEC and fan-based cooler. It is used to enhance the performance of narrow-spectrum Matchbox® lasers in spectroscopy and holography applications, which need extreme central wavelength stability or extended operational temperature range. In combination with this TEC cooler, Matchbox® lasers will gain numerous stability and operational temperature range enhancements for demanding scientific and industrial setups. With this heatsink, a laser has a better center of wavelength, coherence length, and power stability. The cooler electronics board provides power to the laser mounted on top. It also communicates with the laser to read its' body temperature and then stabilizes the laser body temperature most accurately.

This cooler is an essential accessory for all SLM and DPSS lasers!

  • Integrated UART contact head to easily attach to laser pins
  • Built-in power supply for a Matchbox® laser
  • Peltier element and fan ensure constant and stable laser body temperature
  • Elevates the laser output by 61.7 mm
  • Adapted to attach Integrated Optics® beam shutters
  • Integrated interlock pins
  • Variable speed 60 mm fan

A sufficient amount of thermal grease should be used by applying it in a shallow and continuous layer to the bottom part of our lasers! We recommend mounting adapter to an aluminium breadboard. Steel breadboards have poor heat conductivity.

Note: This accessory only includes TEC cooler, a contact head for communication, and data cable (USB-micro).

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Last edited on:  10 March 2021
Parameter Value
 Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 73x85x75
 Beam height, mm 72.1
 Material Aluminium
 Input voltage, VDC 12
 Input current, A 3
 Power input connector USB-C or DC flying leads
 Data connector USB type micro
 Mounting holes M6
 Weight, g 266
 Warranty, months 14
 Country of origin Lithuania
Note: Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.

Drawing of Air Cooled Heatsink With TEC

Matchbox diode laser mounted on the AM-H9 heatsink:

AM-H9 inputs for power (USB-C) and data (USB-micro) are arranged at the back of the cooler: 

The contact head of the cooler connects directly to the pins of the MatchBox laser: