Stand-alone Air Cooled Heatsink With TEC

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This heatsink is a high-end stand-alone TEC and fan-based cooler. In combination with this TEC cooler, Matchbox® lasers will gain numerous stability and operational temperature range enhancements for demanding scientific and industrial setups. With this heatsink, a laser has a better center of wavelength, coherence length, and power stability.

This cooler is an essential accessory for all SLM, DPSS, Combiners, and pulsed lasers!

  • Stand-alone so the heatsink does not need to communicate with a laser
  • Peltier element and Fan ensure constant and stable laser body temperature
  • Elevates the laser output by 61.7 mm
  • Adapted to attach Integrated Optics┬« beam shutters
  • Integrated interlock pins
  • Variable speed 60 mm fan

Due to some power supplies being discontinued by our suppliers, we are forced to change power supply manufacturers from time to time. This may lead to some power supplies not being suitable to earlier ordered heatsinks. Please, contact our technical support to find out whether current power supplies are compatible with your accessories. 

A sufficient amount of thermal grease should be used by applying it in a shallow and continuous layer to the bottom part of our lasers! We recommend mounting adapter to an aluminium breadboard. Steel breadboards have poor heat conductivity.

Note: This accessory only includes TEC cooler, a contact head for communication, and data cable (USB-micro).

Last edited on: 27 June 2024
Parameter Minimum Value Typical Value Maximum Value
 Dimensions (WxDxH), mm - 74x85x75 -
 Beam height from the base, mm - 75.2 -
 Body material - Aluminium -
 Input voltage, VDC - 12 -
 Input current, A - 3.4 -
 Power input connector 1 - USB-C or DC jack / flying leads -
 Data connector - USB-micro -
 Mounting holes - M6 -
 Net weight, g - 294 -
 Warranty, months - 14 -
 Country of origin - Lithuania -

1 Power input connector can be chosen between USB-C, flying leads or DC jack. The choice of connector type should be mentioned on your order.


AM-H10 drawing

Drawing of Stand-alone Air Cooled Heatsink With TEC
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