RS232 Break-out-Box for Single-Wavelength MatchBox®

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This accessory provides RS232 control interface and PD (Power Delivery) power input for the Matchbox® series of lasers. 

Onboard connections:

  • RS232 control
  • USB-C power port (PD - Power Delivery)
  • Interlock
  • TTL signal connector
  • Fan control
  • LED indicator for 'Laser armed' status
  • Pins for fan based heatsinks (AM-H3, AM-H8)

Note: This accessory only includes a Break out Box® and a data cable (DE-9M converter).

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    Parameter Value
     RS232 voltage, V 10
     Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 30x17x18
     Material Aluminium
     USB power voltage, V 9 1
     Max. USB current, A 2.5
     Controlled parameters TTL and I2C modulation
     Warranty, months 14
     Country of origin Lithuania
    1 This Break-out-box uses a PD (Power Delivery) protocol to request 9 V voltage from a PD-type power supply and internally downconverts it to +5VDC.
    Note: Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.

    Drawing of RS232 Break-out-Box for Single-Wavelength MatchBox®