Integrated Optics Finished Prototyping a Low Jitter Picosecond Pulse Laser

By Integrated Optics 5 October 2015 EU projects No comments yet

Integrated Optics is proud to tell that the company has created a compact low jitter ultrafast pulse laser prototype which is based on proprietary patented active mode locking technique. A laser with the code name "BlackBox" is the outcome of European Cohesion Fund supported project "The Development of a Low Jitter Ultrafast Pulse Laser" which has been implemented together with the partner Kaunas University of Technology and has ended in August, this year. The project has been supported by the measure "Intellect LT" the goal of which is to encourage national SMEs' investment into development of new innovative products, services and processes – a necessary precondition for applied research and technological development. This unique development took more than two years and required more than 180 thousand euros investment of which Integrated Optics contributed approximately 45 percent.

In practice, there is a common problem with pulsed lasers in imaging and precision measurement applications - the temporal drift of laser pulses after initiation, the so called jitter. The longer is this drift, the greater is the chance of inaccuracy in the measurement schemes. Therefore, that was one of the reasons of implementing the project for developing a compact, affordable low jitter ultrafast pulse laser prototype. Low jitter is very important in such laser applications as range finding, high precision material processing or ultrasound materials research. The EU Cohesion Fund support allowed us to implement R&D activities in a wider scope and that helped create a laser prototype exceeding planned specifications. This project brings to life the patented principle of active mode locking and cavity dumping. This is another successful example of commercialization of intellectual property.

The developed laser can be used in many high precision materials processing applications which are still dominated by hard metal alloy or diamond head tools that require expensive materials and energy costs and their service causes costly downtimes. Whereas "BlackBox" laser has no replaceable parts and can handle up to 40 thousand hours without service. Taking that into account, this compact, affordable low jitter ultrafast pulse laser can be reasonably regarded as an excellent alternative to high precision materials processing traditional tools. Therefore, the commercialization of such product significantly increases company's competitiveness. All major research activities are finished and now Integrated Optics will start preparation for production. The first units of this laser are expected to be shipped to early adopters in the end of 2016. 


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