MatchBox 2 will be released soon

By Integrated Optics 15 June 2015 News No comments yet

Here's the first glance at our new MatchBox design. We've incorporated a lot of customer feedback and strongly believe this laser will be even easier to integrate, more reliable in wider range of environmental conditions and MUCH SMARTER.


Key changes from MatchBox 1:

  • UART instead of I2C. The reason behind this change is that a lot of our integrators prefer UART over I2C. Furthermore it is is much more straightforward to make a UART-USB adapter and we will offer it in a form factor of a cable.
  • No flex ribbon. The flex ribbon was convenient in some cases. However it was harder to ensure hermetic sealing and the ribbon itself was not robust enough for industrial integration. MatchBox 2 laser features hermetically sealed PTFE feed through contacts for 5V power and control signals.
  • More protective features. Integrated (manufacturer replaceable) fuse, protection against static discharge, smart overheat protection (detects insufficient heat sinking early on).
  • Monitoring of laser diodes life. 
  • Comprehensive logging. 

Other changes from MatchBox1:

  • Dimensions 30x50x17 mm (instead of 45x50x18 mm)
  • Wider range of operational temperature
  • Fastening with two bolts in the corner vias
  • Hermetic enclosure
  • The OLED control unit is replaced with a PC software and USB connecting cable
  • No Starter attachment
  • Different design of the air-cooled pad

'What's in the box' with MatchBox2:

  • Breakout cable (DC power, USB, SMA signal connectors)
  • Fastening bolts and a key
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