USB Break-out-Box for Multi-Wavelength MatchBoxⓇ

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A compact and convenient adapter facilitates the integration of MatchBox wavelength combiners, providing a connector for data transmission, convenient power input, and other functionalities.

Onboard connections:
  • USB-micro connector for data transmission
  • USB-C connector for power input. A suitable power supply is to be advised
  • Interlock sockets, already shortened with removable wire
  • TTL modulation input sockets for each wavelength (LD1..LD4 and GND)
  • External fan power sockets (+5V and FAN for fan GND). AM-H3 or AM-H8 can be powered by them
  • LED indicator for 'Laser armed' status

An external fan is provided with constant +5V voltage and 150mA current.

Due to some power supplies being discontinued by our suppliers, we are forced to change power supply manufacturers from time to time. This may lead to some power supplies not being suitable to earlier ordered Break-out-Boxes. Please, contact our technical support to find out whether current power supplies are compatible with your accessories. 

Note: This accessory only includes a Break-out-Box® and a data cable (USB-micro).

Last edited on:  30 November 2023
Parameter Value
 Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 30x17x18 1
 Body material Aluminium
 Input voltage, V 12
 Input current, A 3
 Power input connector USB-C
 Data connector USB-micro
 Warranty, months 14
 Country of origin Lithuania
1 Including connectors. The depth dimension without connectors is 12.1 mm.
Note: Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.

Drawing of USB Break-out-Box for Multi-Wavelength MatchBoxⓇ