SERS Substrate 'RandaS'

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The 'RandaS' SERS Substrate

Small form factor and very cost efficient SERS substrates. RandaS are vacuum packed separately in 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes. These substrates are used in numerous analytical applications from trace analysis to medical diagnostics. The form factor and packing are ideal for immersion and analysis of liquid (buffered) samples.
The active area is the same for the complete SERS substrates made by AtoID, just form factor and coatings are different. Stochastic nanostructure features fragments from tens of nanometers to few microns and such variety meets resonance criteria for many different vibrational modes of molecules. That is the reason why you will always get a high SERS activity with a variety of analytes if only the molecules are well adsorbed.

Electric Conductivity

Another useful feature is that the active area is electrically conductive. This allows you to use an electric field to polarize the molecules having poles of positive and negative charge and bring them closer to the substrate. The surface resistance is approx. 1 Ohm/mm.

Substrate Design

The substrate is made from silicate glass, which itself is a weak Raman scatterer. On the other hand, glass is extremely cost-effective and stable, which makes this substrate suitable for routine analysis in the chemical industry and medical diagnostics. The substrate material is what makes it suitable for all ways of use: immersion, powder or gas.
We specify 2 months shelf life, nonetheless, we have used substrates, which were produced 6 to 12 months prior to use and have not noticed any significant degradation.

Minimum Order Total: 100 EUR

Last edited on:  25 November 2021
Parameter Value
 Overall size, mm 12.5x5x1
 Active area, mm 3x5
 Excitation wavelengths, nm 442 to NIR (tested)
 Coating silver
 Substrate silicate glass
 Shelf Life 6 months
 Typical lead time 2 weeks
Note: Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.