Custom Development of Laser Sources

Have not found a suitable laser?

Integrated Optics is good at low volume,  high mix production. Apart of that we are also good in R&D and prototyping and since incorporation we had multiple successful projects with integrators, who needed laser customization or just feasibility studies.

Development workflow

If you have not found a laser source, which matches your requirements, but you think it is potentially achievable with our platforms (direct diode, tapered amplifiers, DPSS, passive Q-Switch, fiber amplifier), then please contact us for custom development. Typically steps are like this:

  1. Initial discussion (contact
  2. NDA (if needed)
  3. Development cost calculation
  4. Contract (written agreement or PO)
  5. Feasibility study
  6. First model tested in our lab
  7. First prototype tested in our lab
  8. Second prototype tested in customer's lab

Areas of interest

Typically we are undertaking custom development projects if a particular task matches our product strategy. Currently we are focussing on following product groups:

  • CW laser up to 1 W of output power, from 375 nm to 1550 nm
  • Tapered amplifier systems
  • Wavelength combiners of 4, 5 channels
  • Passive Q-Switched picosecond-nanosecond lasers from 343 nm to 1550 nm
  • DPSS MOPA systems
  • Fiber MOPA systems