Laser Characterization

Integrated Optics is offering additional testing and measurement procedures! Our engineers can perform needed measurements for out-of-warranty lasers. We can also test lasers made by other manufacturers, if such laser is provided by the customer. Few examples of offered procedures are listed below.

Optical Power Characterization

  • Long-term power stability measurement. Measured in %RMS and peak-to-peak over 8 to 24 hrs. Tested using PM100D digital optical power meter and S401C thermal power sensor or S121C photodiode power sensor.
  • High-frequency noise characterization using a fast photodiode and a oscilloscope
  • Power stability over temperature cycling. Typically, cycling is performed between 10 and 50 degC.
long-term laser power stability

Spectrum Characterization

Laser diode spectrum
  • Spectrum measurement using an optical spectrum analyzer (center wavelength, spectral linewidth, SMSR). Tested using YOKOGAWA AQ6373 350 - 1200 nm or YOKOGAWA AQ6370 600 - 1700 nm
  • Spectral linewidth measurement using interferometer. Tested using interferometer SA 200-3B 350-535 nm – 1.5 GHz or SA210-5B 535-820 nm – 10 GHz
  • Center wavelength stability measurement over time (at constant temperature)
  • Center wavelength stability measurement over time (under thermal cycling)
  • Center wavelength repeatability test after laser on/off cycle

Polarization Characterization

  • Polarization contrast and direction measurement (free-space). Tested using Glan-Thompson polarizer
  • Polarization extinction ratio and direction measurement (PM fiber). Tested using Polarimeter
  • Polarization direction change upon deformation of a PM fiber. This test shows, how well is the optical axis of the PM fiber aligned to the direction of incident laser polarization. Tested using Polarimeter

Laser Beam Parameter Characterization

  • Beam profile pictures at 0.45 m and 3.75 m or other custom distances from aperture
  • Beam divergence measurement
  • M-squared (beam quality) measurement
  • Beam pointing stability measurement (μrad/degC)
  • Bore sight accuracy measurement

Laser Repair

  • Restore to factory settings and full laser testing
  • Out of warranty full laser troubleshooting (e.g., laser does not emit light)
  • Broken trace/contact soldering
  • Broken pin replacement
  • Output window replacement
  • Fiber connector polishing
  • Laser refurbishing
  • Optical power re-calibration of MatchBox2 lasers
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