1030 nm Nanosecond Q-Switch Laser

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Passive Q-Switch Free-space
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An ultra-compact 1029 nm nanosecond laser is a high peak power passive Q-Switch transmitter for OEM LiDAR and range finding applications. The short pulse duration of down to fewer than 1.3 ns allows high spatial resolution, the high peak power of >70 kW allows large distances to be measured.
Apart from LiDAR, this laser is also usable in portable or even wearable Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzers, portable and wearable LiDAR systems, and micro-scale material processing.
Please note, that this product is laser-head-only for OEM. Driver electronics and pulse generator come separately within µFlash Integrator's kit (contact Integrated Optics support for more info) or can be implemented by end-user.

Current configurations in production:

Variant Pulse duration, ns Pulse energy, μJ Peak power, kW Polarization
150  115 Random
*Other parameters can be developed based on customer specifications. Please refer to the specifications table below for possible parameter ranges.

Last edited on: 20 June 2024
Parameter Minimum Value Typical Value Maximum Value
 Central wavelength, nm 1028 1030 1032
 Longitudinal modes - Multiple -
 Spectral line width FWHM, nm - 0.7 1
 Pulse duration, ns - 1.3 -
 Repetition rate, Hz (pulse-on-demand mode) Pulse on demand 50 100
 Pulse energy, µJ 1 20 100 150
 Pulse-to-pulse stability, % - 20 40
 Transversal modes - TEM00 -
 Beam diameter at aperture (1/e2), mm - 0.2 -
 Beam divergence (full angle), mrad 2 - 5 10
 Vertical bore sighting accuracy, mrad - - 20
 Horizontal bore sighting accuracy, mrad - - 40
 Control interface type - SlimStack Hybrid Power Receptacle (Molex 104249-0810) -
 Operation mode - APC, pulse detection -
 Input voltage, VDC - 1.65 2
 External laser diode driver requirement 3 - +2 V DC, 12A -
 Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 4 - 35.1 x 12.1 x 6.3 -
 Beam height from the base, mm - 3 -
 Heat-sinking requirement, °C/W not needed (for low duty cycle single shot opperation)
- 1 (needed for higher rep. rate operation)
 Operating temperature, °C 20 30 40
 Warm up time - Instantly operational at operating temperature -
 Temperature stabilization - No -
 Overheat protection - NTC in laser head -
 Reverse voltage protection - No -
 Storage temperature, °C (non-condensing) -20 - 70
 Net weight, kg - 0.008 -
 Electrical energy consumption, mJ 5 - 48 -
 Warranty, months 6 - 14 (Limited) -
 RoHS - Yes -
 CE compliance - - General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) 2001/95/EC
- (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC
 Laser safety class - 3B -
 OEM lasers are not compliant with - IEC60825-1:2014 (compliant using additional accessories) -

1 Peak power limitations apply. Max. peak power currently is 115 kW for unpolarized radiation. Polarized radiation is available on request. Higher pulse energy versions might be developed based on NRE contracts.

2 The laser is not collimated internally.

3 A demo electronics board is provided with the first order of 5 pcs.

4 Only laser head.

5 e.g. 1W @20Hz pulse repetition rate in single-pulse triggering mode.

6 Warranty is not applicable to faults of the pump laser diode - a component which is sensitive to electronics circuitry design and operational regimes. Please consult with Integrated Optics regarding most appropriate driving circuit design, duty cycles, etc.

Typical spectrum

Typical spectrum of 1030U-11C nm passive Q-Switch DPSS laser. Measured with 10 pm resolution.

Spectrum of 1030 nm Nanosecond Q-Switch Laser

Dimensional drawing of the uFlash laser

Drawing of 1030 nm Nanosecond Q-Switch Laser

Pulse-to-pulse stability of a uFlash laser

The video below shows superior pulse-to-pulse stability of a uFlash laser, operated at 50 Hz repetition rate, 120uJ pulse energy. The measurement was carried out using two different oscilloscopes and a fast 500 MHz bandwidth photodetector. The pulse duration of the laser was about 0.9 ns.

Flash LiDAR

Flash LiDAR is an advanced remote sensing technology that utilizes laser pulses in a rapid, sweeping fashion to create high-resolution 3D maps of the surroundings. Unlike traditional Lidar systems that rely on scanning mechanisms, Flash Lidar captures the entire scene simultaneously, providing real-time and comprehensive spatial information. This innovative approach enhances the speed and efficiency of mapping, making Flash Lidar well-suited for applications in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and environmental monitoring.

Photoacoustic imaging

Photoacoustic imaging is a process where powerful laser pulses interact with material by exciting acoustic waves. Similarly, as in ultrasound imaging, the propagating acoustic waves are analyzed by piezo-based detectors (pick-ups), and the complete 3D image is formed by raster scanning or other techniques, such as laser-based holography or interferometry.

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