1030 nm Nanosecond Q-Switch Laser

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An ultra-compact 1029 nm nanosecond laser is a high peak power passive Q-Switch transmitter for OEM LiDAR and range finding applications. The short pulse duration of down to fewer than 1.3 ns allows high spatial resolution, the high peak power of >70 kW allows large distances to be measured.
Apart from LiDAR, this laser is also usable in portable or even wearable Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzers, portable and wearable LiDAR systems, and micro-scale material processing.
Please note, that this product is laser-head-only for OEM. Driver electronics and pulse generator come separately within µFlash Integrator's kit (contact Integrated Optics support for more info) or can be implemented by end-user.

Current configurations in production:

Variant Pulse duration, ns Pulse energy, μJ Peak power, kW Polarization
150  115 Random
*Other parameters can be developed based on customer specifications. Please refer to the specifications table below for possible parameter ranges.
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Last edited on:  24 July 2023
Parameter Minimum Value Typical Value Maximum Value
 Central wavelength, nm 1028 1030 1032
 Longitudinal modes - Multiple -
 Spectral line width FWHM, nm - 0.7 1
 Pulse duration, ns - 1.3 -
 Repetition rate, Hz (pulse-on-demand mode) Pulse on demand 50 100
 Pulse energy, µJ 20 100 1 150
 Pulse-to-pulse stability, % - 20 40
 Transversal modes - TEM00 -
 Beam diameter at aperture (1/e2), mm - 0.2 -
 Beam divergence (full angle), mrad - 5 2 10
 Control interface type - SlimStack Hybrid Power Receptacle (Molex 104249-0810) -
 Operation mode - APC, pulse detection
 Input voltage, VDC - 1.65 2
 External laser diode driver requirement - +2 V DC, 12A 3 -
 Dimensions (LxWxH), mm - 35.1 x 12.1 x 6.3 4 -
 Beam height from the base, mm - 3 -
 Heat-sinking requirement, °C/W not needed (for low duty cycle single shot opperation)
1 (needed for higher rep. rate operation)
 Operating temperature, °C 20 30
 Warm up time - Instantly operational at operating temperature
 Temperature stabilization - No -
 Overheat protection - NTC in laser head -
 Reverse voltage protection - No -
 Storage temperature, °C (non-condensing) -20 - 70
 Net weight, kg - 0.008 -
 Electrical energy consumption, mJ - 48 5 -
 Warranty, months - 14 (Limited)
 RoHS - Yes -
 CE compliance - - General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) 2001/95/EC
- (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC
 Laser safety class - 3B -
 OEM lasers are not compliant with - IEC60825-1:2014 (compliant using additional accessories) -
1 Peak power limitations apply. Max. peak power currently is 300 kW in for unpolarized radiation and 100 kW for polarized radiation. We put constant R&D efforts to increase this further.
2 The laser is not collimated internally.
3 A demo electronics board is provided with the first order of 5 pcs.
4 Only laser head.
5 e.g. 1W @20Hz pulse repetition rate in single-pulse triggering mode.
6 Warranty is not applicable to faults of the pump laser diode - a component which is sensitive to electronics circuitry design and operational regimes. Please consult with Integrated Optics regarding most appropriate driving circuit design, duty cycles, etc.
Note: Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.
Typical spectrum

Spectrum of 1030 nm Nanosecond Q-Switch Laser
Typical spectrum of 1030U-11C nm passive Q-Switch DPSS laser. Measured with 10 pm resolution.

Drawing of 1030 nm Nanosecond Q-Switch Laser
Dimensional drawing of the uFlash laser

Pulse-to-pulse stability of a uFlash laser

The video below shows superior pulse-to-pulse stability of a uFlash laser, operated at 50 Hz repetition rate, 120uJ pulse energy. The measurement was carried out using two different oscilloscopes and a fast 500 MHz bandwidth photodetector. The pulse duration of the laser was about 0.9 ns.