IO to Invest in Next Generation CW Laser Technology

24 September 2020

Optically pumped semiconductor lasers (Vecsels) offer an attractive alternative to already mature DPSS and diode laser technologies. It can cover the green-yellow wavelength range in intracavity second harmonics generation layout, which is commercially not available in diode laser format. Furthermore, the technology concept offers better electrical-to-optical efficiency and faster on/off modulation - the features often desired in modern microscopy applications. 

Integrated Optics seeks to explore the capabilities and limits of this technology in order to understand its commercial applicability better. Company's Matchbox laser series features all major wavelengths used in Fluorescence-based applications, however, the presumed advantages of the OPSL technology might extend the applicability of lasers in this super-compact platform in a greater variety of applications. One of the goals of the project is to develop 561 nm lasers - both DPSS and OPSL aiming for high electrical-to-optical efficiency and fast modulation rates.
A new platform of multi-wavelength lasers will be developed to incorporate these high efficiency 561 nm lasers. 

The operation of developed laser prototypes will be tested by the project partner Droplet Genomics, UAB in their proprietary analysis and counting of single cells. 

The new RnD project is funded by the European Union Support Program ‘Eksperimentas’ (‘Experiment’) and administered by VsI ‘Lietuvos verslo paramos agentūra’ (Public Enterprise ‘Lithuanian Business Support Agency’).

The investment will be used for exploration of the OPSL technology, trying to go beyond the current state of art and develop laser sources for modern microscopy applications.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as a measure of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project titleARA (Integrated hybrid multi-wavelength laser)
Project ownerIntegrated Optics, UAB
The total value of the project1 062 612,17 €
Contribution from ERDF773 567,71 €
Beginning1st of September 2020
End31st of July 2023

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