New R&D project PERLAS

19 April 2017

Integrated Optics is serving the fast-growing Raman spectroscopy market. As the applications are transitioning from lab to routine real-life material analysis, the instrumentation makers prefer more compact and reliable laser sources that can be effortlessly integrated into compact, portable or even handheld devices. Also, new compact modules are released for the conversion of regular scanning microscopes into Raman microscopes, thus fostering the adoption of Raman spectroscopy in a way that is conventional for any kind of microscopy users.

Company's Matchbox laser series features all major wavelengths used in Raman spectroscopy, including the 405 nm, which is available just from a few suppliers worldwide. Over the years of collaboration with well known Raman system producers, Integrated Optics has built a good understanding of what the actual needs of the society are and where laser manufacturers fail at fulfilling application requirements.

In order to follow and set the trends of new laser sources for Raman spectroscopy, Integrated Optics applied and won a grant of 0.7MEUR in project 'PERLAS - PERiodic structures for control of the LAser Spectrum'. The project is funded by the European Union Support Program ‘Intelektas. Bendri mokslo-verslo projektai’ (‘Intelligence. Joint Scientific-Business Projects’) and administered by VsI ‘Lietuvos verslo paramos agentura’ (Public Enterprise ‘Lithuanian Business Support Agency’).

The investment will be used for the development of frequency-stabilized diode and DPSS lasers. There are plans to develop diode SLM lasers with an ultra-high side mode suppression ratio and ideal beam quality, high-power tapered amplifier systems and high power 532 nm lasers. All of it will be developed in close collaboration with Raman system integrators and leading scientists.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Project titlePERiodic structures for control of LAser Spectrum (PERLAS)
Project ownerIntegrated Optics, UAB
The total value of the project677,338.40 €
Contribution from ERDF385,210.45 €
Beginning18th of March 2016
End31st of August 2019

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