Trade-in of laser sources

Since September 2017 Integrated Optics offers new Eco-friendly initiative: trade-in of lasers. Trade-in percentage is set at 10% and laser with a corresponding part number can be traded in.

Lasers are all about ecology - they are used in manufacturing processes in order to reduce energy consumption and eliminate consumables. Plenty of laser applications have been developed for environmental monitoring, which also contributes to ecology. In this light, laser trade-in seems like a natural element of a business plan with an Eco-friendly attitude, however, not all laser companies are willing or capable of implementing it. Why? Better we will tell, why we are different.

Lifetime of laser sources

Typically, a lifetime of a laser device, with exceptions in high intensity photonics, is determined by the lifetime of a laser diode. MTBF (mean time between failures) of CW diode and DPSS lasers are mostly the MTBF of the laser diode (or pump diode). Once it fails, a laser stops operating, but other parts, like mechanics, electronics and optics remain without significant signs of wear. Just replacement of the laser diode is often not possible at the customer site - such operation usually requires specific tools and know-how. Lasers with smart electronics (like the MatchBox®) need calibration afterwards, in order to meet original spec.

Trade-in + Rent = Sustainability

In case of MatchBox® laser series, we have a luxury of using identical enclosures and just a few modifications of electronics for more than 150 product configurations. Also, we have developed a proprietary precision assembly technique, which also allows limited rework. Furthermore, in 2016 we have successfully launched a laser rental service. All together it makes our business vision complete and well in-line with Eco-friendliness. From now on we will manufacture, sell, trade-in, and then rent lasers. Our customers will save 10% on each subsequent purchase. The Planet will say at least a small 'thanks'.

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